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The impact and opportunities of Circular Economy


Workshop ABN AMRO

Do you want to learn more about Circular Economy and get inspired for Procurement that integrates Circular Economy Principles? Then join this workshop! During the workshop you will experience the opportunities and challenges of Circular Economy and Procurement. Through questions, cases and interactions we share views and thoughts on this matter. We also tour you around the ABN AMRO building to show you examples of circularity and our Paviljoen (ABN AMRO Pavillion), which will be built with circular materials and building methods.

ABN AMRO has started a journey to gain experience and to develop more expertise on the circular economy. The essence of integrating circular economy with procurement is that the buyer gathers knowledge about the value chain of the producer. The producer focuses on closing material loops… There are several business models for circular economy. For example, procurement can focus on the desired performance (e.g. light) instead of buying a product (e.g. the lamp itself). You might own a mobile phone while you only want to use the service of calling and texting… Join this workshop and get inspired and shaken up!

The people providing the workshop

Frits Lampe


Frits Lampe started his career in 1984 at the internal department of a warehouse. He discovered his love and passion for technique and started studying alongside his work.
He has a higher education degree in Energy Technology, and his first job in 1991 at the bank was as an electrical technician in ABN AMRO’s Maintenance & Service department. He started working as a Procurement Consultant in 2007, and since then his focus has shifted more and more to procurement using the principles of the circular economy.
Over the years he has seen that it’s important to explore various opportunities to reach new goals. As Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

Jan Raes

Twenty years ago, he started his career with technology companies. After 10 years in IT, he started focusing on the financial services industry. His career path has brought him from data management to finance and through compliance and risk to sustainable banking and strategy. Now active as a senior business advisor implementing the corporate strategy on sustainability and transparency for a Dutch international bank with a balance sheet of 400 billion Euro.

His goals and ambitions are driven by change with a positive impact. Tenacity, people skills and creativity have brought him a long way, especially when it comes to institutionalizing change in our industry. It is in his nature to stimulate networking, exchange of ideas and connection between stakeholders. Besides his job, he enjoys book publishing and coaching of Social Enterprises.


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