Next workshop YPP conference: EcoChain!

We hereby present the next workshop at the upcoming YPP Conference at the 28th of October at ABN Amro headquarters in Amsterdam: EcoChain!



Workshop EcoChain

Did you know that buyers can contribute up to 90% to the sustainability proposition of the company they work for?

Increasingly one hears the words, “In a few years we will only win our customers attention with a sustainable proposition.”

As a Young Procurement Professional, have you ever wondered what could be your contribution to the sustainability transition? How does the company you represent handle these interesting times? Which dynamics characterize the relationship between your company and its suppliers? What are the opportunities, and the complex issues you may encounter?

During this workshop we will explore these issues and we will see if there are general common denominators.

Boudewijn Mos


Boudewijn Mos started as an entrepreneur at an early age. From his 15th birthday onwards, his entrepreneurial enthousiasm has shaped him into where he is now.

At the age of 18 he started his first tech startup. After selling his start-up at the age of 21, he graduated as a pilot. As he says, flying is just passion, entrepreneurship is an inner journey. Until 2011 he combined both passions of entrepreneurship and flying.

In 2011, Boudewijn founded the start-up EcoChain Technologies together with his brother Jochem, where he now holds the posistion of commercial director.

EcoChain offers Environmental Management Software. The EcoChain application gives people the technology to understand and focus on sustainability. With EcoChain, companies can make more sustainable products, and more quickly. Tomorrow’s profitable companies are the companies who are taking action with EcoChain today.

Interested in joining our conference? You can register here!

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