Second key-note speaker at YPP Conference: Vanderlande!

We proudly present the second key-note speaker for our conference: Esther Kersten from Vanderlande!

Presentation Vanderlande

Vanderlande is the global market leader in baggage handling systems for airports, and sorting systems for parcel and postal services. The company is also a leading supplier of warehouse automation solutions.

Vanderlande’s baggage handling systems move 3.2 billion pieces of luggage around the world per year, in other words, 8.8 million per day. More than 20 million parcels (300 packages per second) are sorted by its systems every day. Vanderlande’s extensive portfolio of integrated solutions – innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services – results in the realisation of fast, reliable and efficient automation technology.

The sustainability program of Vanderlande has always been result-driven and ambitious. From energy and life cycle services to ergonomics and sustainable materials: pilot projects have turned into the company’s product standards. With our innovation strategy modelled around the concept of circular economy (known as ‘Cradle to Cradle®), they have embarked on a road of intense supply chain collaboration. It touches all disciplines and departments. Numerous questions and challenges are still arising on the horizon. How can (young) professionals make the difference in the transition to the circular economy?


Esther Kersten is sustainable development manager at Vanderlande and believes she has the best job in the world. Her ambition is to prove that sustainability makes good business sense and goes hand in hand with innovation. She loves to initiate sustainable projects by involving and inspiring people from all levels and disciplines. Her goal is to create networks to make a change. Developing joint sustainability & innovation roadmaps with customers and suppliers is one of her key activities. An intrapreneur pur sang.

Her sustainability roots date back to 2006, when she started at DSM within the sourcing department. Afterwards she worked for various companies and organisations in the field of sustainable development. She learned that businesses have the power to deliver tremendous progress, and a unique ability to make this world a better place. She is mother of Mike (2013) and Kate (2015) and loves to travel the world.


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