‘Inspiring sustainable behaviour’

Dear YPP member,

On 4th April 2019 TONII community organizes an MVI event:
‘Inspiring sustainable behaviour’, inspired by the words of Anand Mahindra: ‘Sustainability has to be a way of life to be a way of business’.

The event is relevant to anyone with a ‘green hart’ in general and to procurement professionals in particular who can add substantial value to the transition to a more sustainable and circular way of producing goods, services and works in both the private and public domain.

We offer an inspiring program with Esmée Amsen (participant ‘Quest for Change, setting sail for solutions’), Dennis Storm (former TV host 3 op Reis), Jelle Derckx (author, vlogger and podcaster about minimalism and sustainability) and Bert van Son (owner MUD jeans which produces and sells circular jeans).

Here you can find more information about the event. If you like to participate, you will be granted a discount of 7,50 euro when you use the code #YPP in the registering process.

Hope to see you on 4th April!

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