YPP Mission and Vision

Our mission is to inspire and connect Young Procurement Professionals to boost their potential.

In our vision, we are the leading network for Young Procurement Professionals. Our ambition is to boost the potential of our members by connecting knowledge and experience of organisations, leaders and peers. Our events stimulate networking and personal development within the procurement profession. We inspire and bring fun to procurement!

YPP Profile

The following aspects charactarize the Young Procurement Professionals network:

  •  A drive for procurement and supply management
  • (It is) an interactive network where young people meet to share experiences & knowledge
  • YPP pursues the development of the field of procurement and supply management with a progressive approach towards the topics we address
  • Ambition to also maintain and develop partnerships with procurement associations and organizations abroad
  • YPP is active in multinationals, SME’s, non-profit organizations like NGO’s and government organizations
  • Due to our ties with the academic world (e.g. PhD’s and students) we are also strongly linked to the new generation of people becoming active in procurement & supply management
  • Gain access to a great network of Young Professionals – Our network is a platform which gives room to discuss experiences, meet new people and see what other procurement organizations are doing
  • Our membership is free of charge

Key characteristics of the YPP network

  • 66% has a Master degree, 34% a bachelor degree
  • 26% of our members is working in the consultancy sector, 23% in industrial companies
  • 72% works in a company with more than 1000 employees
  • 78% is a member of YPP to meet people and to build a professional network
  • 84% would recommend others to become a member of YPP

Member profile

YPP is a network for young professionals up to the age of 35 working or interested in the field of procurement and supply management. This could be either in profit or not-for-profit organizations, and also students and PhD’s are welcome. If you like to know more about us or if you have suggestions or questions, please send us an email.

We can also keep you informed via our newsletters:

Affiliated to Nevi

Nevi is the knowledge network for procurement, contract and supply management. Inspired by vision and insights obtained from industry, the public sector, education and science, Nevi consolidates and simplifies every facet of procurement.

Nevi shares this in-depth knowledge through their association of 7,000 professionals who encourage and inspire one another. Through courses, training sessions and events aimed at helping everyone to take the next step in this wonderful sector. And through innovative affiliations with community and commercial partners.

By working in partnership in this way, Nevi takes procurement to the next level