YPP @ Schiphol looking back by Elske Muijs

 On Friday, February 13th, approximately 20 YPP members got a sneak preview of what happens behind the scenes at Schiphol’s world class luggage handling system. To begin with all participants were given a presentation about the intense sourcing process that had taken place over the years and the challenges that the project team had been faced with. The purpose of framework agreements, close alliances with numerous stakeholders and suppliers as well as the necessity of exceptional contract management were just few of the success criteria that were stressed. The 13 year investment process certainly was one that many of us can learn from.

Schiphol robotFollowing the presentation we continued with a guided tour under the Schiphol grounds. The level of complexity was incredible and it was as if we entered a theme park. The number of conveyer belts, trolley’s, stairs and pipes seemed endless. I believe the majority of us could not have imagined that this was what happened to our luggage upon departure, arrival and transit.

Finishing off there was room for drinks where everyone had time to share their enthusiasm but also to get to know each other. All together the day and experience were both incredible. I am sure that I speak on behalf of everyone, who was present that day, when I say that I am grateful to the YPP board for making this experience possible. I hope there will be many more events that are as inspiring as the Schiphol tour.

Elske Muijs Associate Category Buyer Capex at FrieslandCampina 

Schiphol groepsfoto 

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