Strategic Purchasing: A Global Perspective

Like last year, during the course Purchasing at the RUG, 2 interesting E-books were written. YPP was already invited during the event, but now also the e-books can be read clicking the link at the end of this post.

Preface of the e-book “Strategic Purchasing: A Global Perspective”

Whether we call it Purchasing, Procurement, Supply Management, Sourcing or Buying – it is evident that activities, tactics and strategies associated with such terms are of great importance to organizations. Looking at job advertisements, skilled and highly educated Purchasers and Supply Managers are in demand. Hence, academia and practice work together to further grow the function as there remain many challenges and possibilities for improvements. In line with the developments in the field, we asked 22 international MSc students to plan, write and deliver an academic book on aspects of globalization in relation to Strategic Purchasing.

We proudly present the resulting E-book of this year’s project – Strategic Purchasing: A Global Perspective. Based on literature reviews as well as case studies and examples the students have worked on different themes with the joint ambition to describe and discuss the state of the art of Strategic Purchasing today. While the book focuses on the developments in Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management it might also provide a presentation of a coming generation of purchasing professionals.

The course and the book could not have been realized without the support of the companies and people who kindly contributed their time for guest lectures and further information:
Sander Koopmans (Adjust), Hans Bax (UMCG), Ad Weterings (Gasunie) and Bauke Wierda (Koopmans).

Finally, we would like to thank all students involved. Your enthusiasm, curiosity, eagerness, cooperation and perseverance made it possible to carry out this book project (and in only 7 weeks)!

Groningen, April 2015,

Dr. Kirstin Scholten and Drs. Ing. Henk Faber

Department of Operations, Faculty of Economics and Business

to read the book, please download it here: PDF

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