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Can procurement and social impact go hand in hand? A growing number of companies prove it’s possible, for example by purchasing at social enterprises. These are innovative companies with a business model that is built around solving social challenges. Some inspiring examples include Tony’s Chocolonely (slave-free chocolate) and Dopper (less plastic waste, and more access to clean drinking water worldwide).
After an intro about social entrepreneurship in general bij Social Enterprise, Dopper will share insights on their company. A few questions that will be leading are: What impact do they make? How is Dopper organized (incl. sourcing)? And how do Doppers’ customers find them?
We will conclude with an open discussion on social procurement, curious to find out what experiences the participants have on this topic.

Bart Krull


Bart Krull (1974) is Business Developer at Social Enterprise NL. He started ‘Buy Social NL’, a program to encourage private and public companies to buy from social enterprises.This way social enterprises gain more customers and are able to make more impact. Bart has been instrumental in uniting entrepreneurs, researchers, and officials through a variety of social innovation issues at the Institute of Social Innovation. For Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) Bart matched entrepreneurs in emerging markets with Dutch business partners. At Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, he is the host of the weekly VPRO Tegenlicht Meet Up. He studied social geography and theatre.

Ilse Vonk


‘From Mavo to Master’ isn’t the title of a successful Netflix series, but the biography of Ilse Vonk (1979), Managing Director of Dopper (the company behind the sustainable design water bottle).
With perseverance, strategical insight and an entrepreneurial mindset, Ilse didn’t let anything stop her. She worked for several companies in marketing, sales and strategic consultancy. From Vijfhuizen (the Netherlands) to Florence, Paris, Hong-Kong, London and back to Paris. She met Merijn Everaarts (creator of Dopper) at a previous employer, staying in touch ever since. After he created Dopper, she assisted hem with strategical advice several times, before joining the Dopper team in 2013. At first as freelancer from Paris, Ilse eventually preferred a permanent position in the Netherlands over the French wine and cheeses. Of course, a bottle of French wine is still opened every now and then at the Dopper office on a Friday afternoon.


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