3rd key-note speaker Lara Muller on Big Data and Sustainability!

We are very happy to present our final key-note speaker, Lara Muller of Boskalis, who will share her thoughts on the very interesting subject of the relationship between big data and sustainability!


Key-note Big data and Sustainability

The next Industrial Revolution has begun and is already helping to advance sustainability worldwide. It is still in the early days, but if Big Data can power future progress as effectively as steam and electricity fueled the first Industrial Revolution, the 21st century may turn out far better than many in the sustainability community thought possible. During this presentation, Lara will share several innovative concepts being developed by forward-looking companies, corporates and start-ups, to highlight what might be the best chance we have to marry technology and sustainability into new reality.

Lara Muller


Lara is an expert, advisor, lecturer and author on Social Impact and Creating Shared Value, and she currently fullfills the role of Director of Public Affairs at Boskalis. She has worked internationally with many multinational corporates both as advisor and in senior management roles, supporting them in integrating a social dimension in their strategy and by that create value for society and the bottom line. She was member of the High Level steering committee of the UN Global Compact in New York and co-authored the first sector specific UN publication. She is currently CEO and founder of Onimpact Advisory and of knowledge platform Blue Building Institute, she is also ambassador for eRevalue, a London based ESG big data tech-startup and associate professor at Erasmus University and Nijenrode University. Her latest education is Harvard Business School, where she successfully completed prof. Michael Porters CSV program.

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