Cees Hoogendijk to facilitate YPP Co-Creation Conference

Since the last newsletter the conference organising committee has been working hard to complete the program of this year’s YPP conference. In this journey we have met with several people who are in fact helping us in co creating the conference.

Last week, in one of the Seats2Meet locations in Amersfoort, we had a meeting with Cees Hoogendijk, an entrepeneur with a rich experience when it comes to co-creation. Together with one of the owners of the Seats2Meet location, Elise de Bres, we had a great afternoon sharing ideas and getting a first taste of what we believe the YPP Co Creation Conference should be like.

We are very happy to announce that Cees will be the chairing the Conference, or better said, the facilitator of the day.

From now on, on a regular basis we will publish specific conference news, regarding confirmed speakers or workshops planned for our conference . Be sure to check our website on a regular basis and help us promote our conference!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact us on yppyoungpurchasing@gmail.com

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