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YPP – Launch of new Name & Website!

New Year, New Name, New Site…   We are delighted to share with you our newly redesigned website, with a bold new look and an enhanced navigation experience. Next to that, we have changed our name from Young Purchasing Professionals to Young Procurement Professionals, as we feel procurement better covers the profession of our members. […]

YPP Wisdom unleashed – by Jenna van Dijk (DSM)

In today’s environment, Purchasing Professionals are asked to do more than negotiate prices, they are asked to create value, or better co-create value. This sustainable way of working adds another dimension to procurement, by using insight to inspire new business thinking and ideas. Hence, the topic of the 4th annual Young Purchasing Professionals (YPP) conference, […]

Procurement Knowledge as a form of Aid

Merel van Engelshoven, Knowledge Manager within YPP will be writing Blogs for our website on a regular basis. Please find below her first blog and let us know what you think of it! You have a saying: “give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish, he eats […]

Cees Hoogendijk to facilitate YPP Co-Creation Conference

Since the last newsletter the conference organising committee has been working hard to complete the program of this year’s YPP conference. In this journey we have met with several people who are in fact helping us in co creating the conference. Last week, in one of the Seats2Meet locations in Amersfoort, we had a meeting […]

The Infuence of Technology on Strategic Purchasing

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical orientated usage. It encompasses a wide range of different fields of business. This book refers an insight on IT and its influence on strategic purchasing. In recent years, technology became one of the most predominant factors for efficiency and effectiveness of a firm. Grover and Kohli […]

Strategic Purchasing – On our way to sustainability

There is a growing awareness of Purchasing and Supply Preface Management contribution to a company’s competitive advantage. Over the past decades, the field of Purchasing has fundamentally evolved from a narrowly defined business activity into an area of increasing interest and strategic importance, for industries and academia. Consequently, the demand for highly educated and skilled […]

Reflections on first international tip (Benjamin Maclean)

Last year I visited the Maersk workshop on talent management during the YPP Change Management Conference at Shell. I was inspired by the approach of the Danish. And now a study trip to Maersk Group Procurement in Copenhagen is being arranged. What a great idea! I signed up and booked my flight to Copenhagen. My […]

Looking back at a great experience – APP study trip 2014 @ Maersk

We were unsure what would happen if we would connect 16 procurement professionals from our YPP network in The Netherlands for 3 days with Professionals from Maersk in Copenhagen. As board we now look back at a great week full of learning experiences. The energy and engagement felt over the past 3 days from all […]

YPP visits APM terminal

On the 1st of April YPP travelled down to the APM terminal in Rotterdam. After gathering in Rotterdam to board a bus, the YPPers drove to the tip of the port of Rotterdam. This in itself already brought for most the realization how large the port of Rotterdam is and the influence Rotterdam has on […]