YPP visits APM terminal

On the 1st of April YPP travelled down to the APM terminal in Rotterdam. After gathering in Rotterdam to board a bus, the YPPers drove to the tip of the port of Rotterdam. This in itself already brought for most the realization how large the port of Rotterdam is and the influence Rotterdam has on the Dutch economy.

At APM the YPP were welcomed by Kasper Kropman and John Arkestijn. An introduction was provided in what AP Moller Maersk does and the sheer size of the company was highlighted.  Via an interactive presentation, Kasper was able to give insights into how Maersk organizes its procurement activities, with as biggest motto: “every dollar spent, needs to be spend professionally.” The centralized procurement organization faces and is able to deal with the challenges that arise from operating in a truly international organization, a broad range of business organizations, decentralized vs centralized activities and continually changing market dynamics. But the overall priorities remain dealing with safety, adding value and keeping local stakeholders happy

After the presentations, the YPP were given a tour over the APM terminal by bus. From up close the YPP got to see the complex logistical operation and processes of loading and unloading containers from large container ships.


Next stop: Maersk Kopenhagen (8 – 11 April)