Sneak preview of the DAF Trucks event

Throughout DAF’s operations and processes, technology plays a vital role in delivering world class products and services in the safest possible way. In the past few years DAF has invested significantly in its plants, both in Eindhoven and in Westerlo, making them world-leading in terms of safety, quality and efficiency. In DAF’s engine factory, employees receive standardized work instructions on PC workstations. Robots are used to enhance assembly accuracy and for heavy physical work. At DAF’s component factory skilled workers use advanced welding robots and plasma cutting machines. All the production facilities, Engine Plant, Sheet Metal Components Plant and the Truck Assembly Plant will be shown during a guided tour by train.

Do you want to join us on the guided tour and get more insight in the Procurement departement of DAF Trucks? Register before April 2nd and be part of this fun and interesting event in Eindhoven. We look forward to meet you there!

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