Get Inspired about Circular Economy by Thomas Rau

Thomas Rau is an entrepreneur, architect, innovator, inspirator and visionary. His motto is ‘guided by the future’. Starting point in all his actions is what is needed in the future and not what is achievable in the present. During the annual Day of Sustainability, the newspaper Trouw has appointed the top 100 most influential people in the Netherlands in terms of sustainability since 2009. From the start of this Sustainability List, Thomas Rau is in the Top100, in recent years even steadily in the Top 10! He adds actions to his words; With his architectural firm RAU he has set up various innovations and new standards in the field of CO2-neutral, energy-neutral and energy-efficient building, and recently also for circular architecture.

This final keynote of the day will definitely inspire you!

About Thomas Rau
Owner RAU – Architecture for built environment
Owner Turntoo – Architecture for new economy.
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Chairman Board of Directors Madaster – Development and use of the materials passport