YPP presents first workshop at the annual conference 2016

We proudly present our first workshop at the upcoming YPP conference of Floow2 and Rijnstate.


More with less: how a sharing economy offers opportunities for organizations

Expensive equipment that is not being used, rooms are empty and knowledge is not always maximized. The solution? Share! Where consumers are increasingly sharing their homes, cars and food, the sharing economy also creates opportunities for organizations. What’s not being used, costs money. Rijnstate Hospital, leader in this field, therefore offers its (temporarily unused) capacity for rent or for sale to other organizations on a sharing marketplace. The Albert Schweitzer Hospital took another approach and has started using its own internal capacity in a more optimal way by setting up its own private marketplace which links the various departments and branches within the company. Do you want to learn more about the context and what the experiences, opportunities, obstacles and best practices are in order for you to start this within your own organisation? This and more is covered in one of the workshop during our YPP conference on the 28th of October at the headquarters of ABN AMRO in Amsterdam.

The workshop “More with less: how a sharing economy offers opportunities for organizations” will be hosted by Lieke van Kerkhoven of Floow2 and Royan van Velse of Rijnstate Hospital.

Lieke van Kerkhoven


Lieke has a background in healthcare. After studying medicine she fulfilled several managerial and organizational positions in healthcare organizations in The Netherlands and abroad. She experienced first-hand how much organizations can benefit from sharing their assets amongst each other, in the first place financially, but certainly also socially and environmentally. From her passion to contribute to a healthier healthcare, she initiated FLOOW2 Healthcare about 3 years ago. This is the first sharing marketplace for healthcare organizations to rent out or sell their equipment, services, facilities, knowledge and skills.

Royan van Velse


Royan van Velse is procurement manager at Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem. Furthermore, he is chairman of the board of NEVI Healthcare. He has been working in conflict areas for the International Red Cross before holding his first post as procurement manager for the United Nations, based in Angola. Since then, he has been working in procurement manager jobs in France and the Netherlands. He is author of several books. One of them is about procurement and is called “Sportief inkopen”.

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