YPP Conference 2018

On this page you can find all the information about our 8th annual conference. ‘Future proof procurement’ is this year’s theme and we are happy to announce that KMPG Advisory is our conference partner.

During the conference we focus on the future of procurement. What challenges lie ahead and how do we prepare ourselves for this future. Inspiring speakers will share their vision on the future of procurement and we will take a deep-dive into the area’s of predictive analysis, robotics and P2P, crowd based sourcing, reverse cost engineering and the competences you require in the future as a procurement professional. With all this information we will use break-out sessions to build the young procurement professionals vision on the future of procurement.

More information about the theme, program and speakers is available via Conference 2018 in the above menu bar.

We hope that you will contribute to the future of procurement on November 9th, 2018!