The road towards a future-proof purchasing function

The future disruption and a future proof procurement function is central to the annual Young Procurement Professionals conference on November 9, 2018. YPP organizes the conference this year in collaboration with KPMG Advisory.

During this year’s YPP conference leading procurement experts will share their perspective on the future of procurement. We will provide insights in the challenges you, as young procurement professional, will face and we challenge you to contribute and be part of the future proof procurement vision of YPP.

Future Proof Procurement

Digitization is part of every day’s business for many organisations. Procurement professionals around the world stand on the threshold of a new age. The old paradigm of cost reduction and cost efficiency is drawing to a close. New and revolutionary concepts are spinning from the frenzied technological leaps of our time; especially in digital transformation. In this dynamic, complex and disruptive era, procurement leaders and experts the world over are searching for a secure, successful future.

Procurement as we know it will not exist in the future at all. It’s not the question if procurement will undergo a radical reform, but when. Robots and algorithms will increasingly determine procurement processes. There is no longer one future on the horizon, at least not from a current vantage point. Purchasing experts generally outline four possible scenarios when it comes to the future of procurement: ‘R.I.P. Procurement‘, ’Procurement Primacy’, ‘World of Project Economy’ and ‘The Creative Agency’. These scenarios help to determine the specific consequences for the individual purchasing situation of organisations.

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If you would like to learn more about Future proof procurement click here to be forwarded to KPMG’s white paper about Future-proof procurement.

procurement leaders and experts the world over are searching for a secure, successful future.