Sustainability as the theme for this years conference!

Sustainability?! – Your People, Planet, Profit

To sustain or not to sustain, that’s the question. It won’t be long before the world’s population reaches nine billion people. In addition ecological and environmental awareness keeps on growing. Countries worldwide have determined several goals to strive towards a more environmentally sustainable way of living.

Do organizations share this environmental friendly mindset and are they aware of their impact on our environment? Is sustainability a hype or an everlasting and significant subject? What does sustainability mean exactly and what is the impact on corporate structures?

In our case the question of importance is which impact sustainability has on the procurement strategy. Does procurement face new challenges that make our work more complex than ever, or does sustainability create opportunities focusing on more than savings?

This year’s YPP Conference focuses on these matters to give you the specifics about sustainability and procurement.

Please find more information on our event page, where you can also register for the event.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our conference!

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