Second announcement workshop YPP conference 2016


Leading IT consultancy firm Quint Wellington Redwood joined forces with Achmea and will provide one of the workshops during this years YPP conference on October 28 at ABN AMRO in Amsterdam!

Purpose driven sourcing
Organizations try to automate or even robotize all the work they can, even if it is core to their business. The remaining non-core work is often outsourced. All the other work is left behind for the remaining employees, putting them at the lowest picking order. In the last few decades, this has put a lot of people in uncertainty about their lives. No wonder in the world only 17 percent of the workforce is truly engaged at work, while companies with engaged people outperform other companies tenfold.
What would happen if we would turn around the picking order, and automate and outsource only that work that people don’t find purposeful or are not passionate about?
During this break out session, we want to explore this radically new approach to sourcing with you. The ultimate goal is to find a sourcing approach that has a positive impact on people and profit.

The people providing the workshop

Lesley Kaziow

Lesley Kaziow is an enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and commercial professional with a strong educational background who has a great interest in strategic communication, purchasing, negotiating and IT. She started her purchase career in 2010 at the Radboud University in Nijmegen where her main focus was on software. At the University she studied Communication Science. In 2014 she decided to focus more on IT, so she started as an IT buyer at Achmea. In 2016 she was named Young Sourcing Professional 2016. IT is the future of our world so she is very glad to be a part of it.

Menzo Meijer

Menzo Meijer holds a degree as Master of Science in Business Administration (University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 1986). He is a Principal Consultant at Quint Wellington Redwood with more than 24 years of experience in the fields of IT Sourcing, IT governance and IT Service management, being responsible for a large number of assignments as a consultant, teacher, coach and mediator. As thought leader on sourcing strategies Menzo simplifies complex issues, connects viewpoints, and has an eye for unexpected solutions.

Arshad Shamsi

Arshad Shamsi is an autodidact with over 15 years of experience in Sourcing advisory. At Quint Wellington Redwood he is responsible for increasing the impact on people and planet of the internal operation and the propositions.
For years he has helped clients outsource in the traditional way in which the interest of the people was hardly taken into account. Now he is on a mission to change this through what he calls purpose driven sourcing. Because he believes every human wants to and deserves to do meaningful work.


Find out more about the YPP conference here!

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