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Sign up now for our New Years event @ Benefit !

Looking to start off the year with a BANG ? Join us on  the 26th of January at our new years event at Benefit, besides learning more about Benefit and Procurement it’s a great change to meet up with other Young Professionals. Is 2016 going to be YOUR year?

Registration is now open, sign up here !

Photos conference online

We’ve posted the photos of our conference online

Did you make any yourself and want to share them with the rest of the network ? Please email them to us at yppyoungprocurement@gmail.com and we’ll post them online.



Register for Ricoh’s Round-table

Ricoh. Imagine. Change.

After successfully collaborating during YPP’s 2014 conference we join forces with Ricoh again. This time we will organize a round table event where we will discuss several topics that may change the role of procurement in the future. What impact will e-sourcing have on our ways of working? Can procurement ever be fully automated? What will the impact of 3D printing be?

During this event Ricoh and YPP will host multiple workshops analyzing the buyer’s role of the future and evaluating the impact on 3D printing on procurement.

Do you ever wonder what is needed in terms of people, technology and processes in order to shift from operational to tactical and strategic procurement? Are you curious to hear what Ricoh’s vision/ strategy is concerning these shifts? Can you imagine a world where we will only be shipping raw materials? Join us to discuss and perhaps get a glimpse of what we do not know today but can severely change tomorrow. See you on the 3rd of November at Ricoh in Den Bosch!

Be sure to block your agendas and we hope to see you there!

When: 3rd November

Walk-in: 17:30 (Drinks and small bite to eat will be provided)

Duration: 18:00 – 21:00


Be sure to register here (location and time details indicated) and let us know if you already have any input for the evening.

Hope to see you there!

Over 100 participants from 46 companies have registered, we’re counting down the days !

Only three more weeks to go to our annual conference on the 9th of October.

Yesterday we passed the 100 registrants , a new record for YPP of which we are really proud.

Participants come from a wide range of profit, non-profit, service, production, national and international companies.

There are still around 37 places left, so don’t worry if you haven’t registered yet, but please don’t wait to long.

The programme looks great and we are all getting very excited.

Looking forward to seeing you on het 9th!

Who is our mystery speaker ?

Our last key speaker of the day at our conference on the 9th is a surprise! However to give you a glimpse into the scene we are going to step into at the end of the day.

“Are you aware that even when we are convinced that we are being rational, our brain plays tricks on our perception?  Just imagine how this is used in marketing, negotiations and other commercial activities.”

Back2School – Join us the 16th of September

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled. We are looking at the possibility to reschedule it.

Also this year YPP is going back to school. This year together with with Frank Rozemeijer (NEVI Professor Purchasing and Supply Management) in Maastricht.

When? – the 16th of September, starting at 17:00

Topic: ‘Hot in Procurement Now’

Be sure to get the rest of the details and of course register here

Back from holiday and back to work? Now is the time to rethink your career!

Are you dealing with questions like; Is this what I really want in my (professional) career? Then it might be helpful to start sorting out the basics first; who am I, what am I good at, and what could be my next step?

Would you like insight in the following aspects?

  • What motivates you and gives you energy?
  • Your strong and weak competences?
  • Which skills you have and what your talent is?

If you need someone to discuss these questions with, please contact us. We can support you with the above mentioned questions and issues to get insight in your personal and professional development (work, education and career). We are able to support you to gain a perspective into your (work-related) goals and increase your confidence and self-knowledge. Even if you only need an audience, we are here to support you.

Would you like to rehearse your job interview with an experienced recruiter? Also if you would like to have professional coaching in reviewing your Curriculum Vitae and/or a professional analysis of your cover letter, we can help.

Let us introduce ourselves
Our names are Marije and Noor. With a sincere interest in people, people’s behaviour and their motivations, we both ended up studying the science of Psychology. Our professional experience as recruiter, coach and field manager, gives us the ability to outline your specific situation. We look for chances and opportunities, are aimed to gain useful answers and solutions, and we will provide you with practical tips & tricks.

Marije Franck, MSc Work and Organizational Psychology
06-44 53 32 07

Noortje Bruggeman, MSc Social Psychology
06-44 03 26 42

Zijn uw contracten “in balans”?

Jasper Mattijssen, procurement advisor at Benefit, regularly writes articles on procurement related topics, we will publish his articles on our site too. Read the full article ( In Dutch) here