How to improve Purchasing Performance with Business Analytics? Find out now!

Would you like to know which analytics tools are used in the purchasing departments of companies worldwide? And are you curious to know to what extent your company already has Business Analytics capabilities?

For his master thesis at the University of Tilburg Harry Aa is researching the relationship between Business Analytics and Purchasing Performance. The survey will take about seven minutes. To thank you for your participation, Harry will share the complete report as soon as it is available. It will provide you with actionable insights to improve purchasing performance and obtain better overall company results! Additionally, you will have a chance to win a free workshop at your company’s location or a 50 euros gift voucher!

Participate in the survey by clicking on the following link: Survey.
All responses will be treated confidentially and will only be presented in aggregate form.

In case you have any questions about this research, please do not hesitate to contact Harry Aa via email:

2016 conference Buzzmaster screenshots!

We loved Buzzmaster during our latest conference. It brought a lot more interaction with the audience, including George Clooney (those that were there know what we’re talking about 😉 ).

In case you would like to look back on all questions we asked the audience through Buzzmaster, you can find all screenshots below!

Pictures 2016 YPP Conference!

We collected as many pictures as possible. If you would like to share your conference snapshots with the YPP network, please email them to We will add all received pictures below!

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Supply Management 2020: Making the shift happen…

The 6th International Supply Management Congress (ISMC) is the first of a new series of 5 annual congresses with a mission: “Supply Management 2020: Making the shift happen!”.

A comprehensive and renowned international knowledge and networking event connecting the worlds of purchasing and supply management, R&D/innovation, sustainability and suppliers.

After 5 highly rated editions, the 6th edition will expand with exclusive inspiring Pre-Congress events and the ISMC Awards Dinner on November 21st.

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You can find more information about the ISMC here.

Sluit je aan bij het grootste inkoopnetwerk van Nederland!

Wil je ook op de hoogte blijven van alle relevante inkoopkennis? Sluit je dan aan bij de grootste inkoopcommunity van Nederland met meer dan 10.000 professionals. Wordt gratis ‘basic member van NEVI’ en ontvang toegang tot het online platform met kennisdocumenten over inkoopontwikkelingen en het laatste nieuws relevant voor jou als professional. Daarnaast zijn er vacatures, interessante evenementen en kun je gratis een persoonlijke gedragsassessment doen.

Wil je echt je carrière een boost geven dan is het NEVI Professional Membership iets voor jou met het vakblad Deal!, gratis toegang tot events en met korting naar congressen, trainingen en opleidingen.

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New YPP Conference update: The Green Tour

During next week’s YPP Conference you will be able to join the ABN AMRO Green Tour. A tour throughout the sustainable head office of ABN AMRO. You will also see the building site of the new Pavillion that is currently constructed, and get exclusive inside information.

In 2016 the ABN AMRO head office ‘The Edge’ received the BREEAM award (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) in the category ‘existing office building international’. With innovative ways of working and smart technology this 40.000 m2 building achieved a score of 98.36%! The building is fully energy neutral. The entire southern front side is covered in solar panels. Rain water is collected and re-used. Using an app on their smartphone every employee is able to adjust the light and climate of their individual workplace. This innovative technology doesn’t only save energy. It also provides information about the use of the building, increasing efficiency.

Providing the tour:

Merel Varela


Merel Varela is Project Officer with ABN AMRO Facility Management (FM) and offers support for several facility projects. Together with Building Manager Engie, Merel will take you on a shortened version of the Green Tour.
ABN AMRO wants to be a better bank that contributes to a better world, therefore sustainability explicitly has been implemented into the long term strategy. FM is a key stakeholder in the field of sustainability and contributes to sustainable corporate governance. FM specifically commits to reducing and greening the footprint, and a responsible way of working in the offices. The knowledge FM gains is also shared with ABN AMRO’s clients.
‘Since I’ve been working for ABN AMRO, I’ve grown more conscious about the importance of sustainability. During the Green Tour we facilitate, we show people sustainable initiatives like the energy neutral office in Alkmaar, or the sustainable cooling technique of our head office and data center. It’s of absolute importance to share this knowledge and enthuse others for sustainability.’

Malu Hilverink


Malu Hilverink is involved with the circular Pavilion ABN AMRO is building on the ‘Zuidas’ in Amsterdam. She’s responsible for the concept and programming.
With this special project, ABN AMRO challenges society and the market place to join the bank’s mission to make the world more circular. ‘Either if you’re a client, neighbor, innovator or just passing by. Everyone is welcome to be inspired. This way we create a connecting platform with relevant programming, enabling conversations about actual social theme’s.’ Malu is a true visionary that works hard for a sustainable society. With her enthusiasm and critical look she hopes to move others to speed up the transition to a circular economy. ‘I believe looking for innovative and circular solutions together leads to the best results.‘

Malu will share all ins & outs, and experiences regarding the Pavilion. You can find more information on


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YPP Conference – Programme update

Unfortunately our key-note speaker Jacqueline Cramer is not able to join us on the 28th of October, since she has an important meeting for the government in The Hague that she has to attend.

Therefore, we slightly adjusted the programme, providing more time to start the day and an interesting key-note by ABN Amro’s Jeroen Beekman. More information about Jeroen will follow in short time.

You can find the programme overview, as well as other important information about the conference here.

Final workshop YPP Conference: Social Enterprise & Dopper!





Can procurement and social impact go hand in hand? A growing number of companies prove it’s possible, for example by purchasing at social enterprises. These are innovative companies with a business model that is built around solving social challenges. Some inspiring examples include Tony’s Chocolonely (slave-free chocolate) and Dopper (less plastic waste, and more access to clean drinking water worldwide).
After an intro about social entrepreneurship in general bij Social Enterprise, Dopper will share insights on their company. A few questions that will be leading are: What impact do they make? How is Dopper organized (incl. sourcing)? And how do Doppers’ customers find them?
We will conclude with an open discussion on social procurement, curious to find out what experiences the participants have on this topic.

Bart Krull


Bart Krull (1974) is Business Developer at Social Enterprise NL. He started ‘Buy Social NL’, a program to encourage private and public companies to buy from social enterprises.This way social enterprises gain more customers and are able to make more impact. Bart has been instrumental in uniting entrepreneurs, researchers, and officials through a variety of social innovation issues at the Institute of Social Innovation. For Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) Bart matched entrepreneurs in emerging markets with Dutch business partners. At Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, he is the host of the weekly VPRO Tegenlicht Meet Up. He studied social geography and theatre.

Ilse Vonk


‘From Mavo to Master’ isn’t the title of a successful Netflix series, but the biography of Ilse Vonk (1979), Managing Director of Dopper (the company behind the sustainable design water bottle).
With perseverance, strategical insight and an entrepreneurial mindset, Ilse didn’t let anything stop her. She worked for several companies in marketing, sales and strategic consultancy. From Vijfhuizen (the Netherlands) to Florence, Paris, Hong-Kong, London and back to Paris. She met Merijn Everaarts (creator of Dopper) at a previous employer, staying in touch ever since. After he created Dopper, she assisted hem with strategical advice several times, before joining the Dopper team in 2013. At first as freelancer from Paris, Ilse eventually preferred a permanent position in the Netherlands over the French wine and cheeses. Of course, a bottle of French wine is still opened every now and then at the Dopper office on a Friday afternoon.


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3rd key-note speaker Lara Muller on Big Data and Sustainability!

We are very happy to present our final key-note speaker, Lara Muller of Boskalis, who will share her thoughts on the very interesting subject of the relationship between big data and sustainability!


Key-note Big data and Sustainability

The next Industrial Revolution has begun and is already helping to advance sustainability worldwide. It is still in the early days, but if Big Data can power future progress as effectively as steam and electricity fueled the first Industrial Revolution, the 21st century may turn out far better than many in the sustainability community thought possible. During this presentation, Lara will share several innovative concepts being developed by forward-looking companies, corporates and start-ups, to highlight what might be the best chance we have to marry technology and sustainability into new reality.

Lara Muller


Lara is an expert, advisor, lecturer and author on Social Impact and Creating Shared Value, and she currently fullfills the role of Director of Public Affairs at Boskalis. She has worked internationally with many multinational corporates both as advisor and in senior management roles, supporting them in integrating a social dimension in their strategy and by that create value for society and the bottom line. She was member of the High Level steering committee of the UN Global Compact in New York and co-authored the first sector specific UN publication. She is currently CEO and founder of Onimpact Advisory and of knowledge platform Blue Building Institute, she is also ambassador for eRevalue, a London based ESG big data tech-startup and associate professor at Erasmus University and Nijenrode University. Her latest education is Harvard Business School, where she successfully completed prof. Michael Porters CSV program.

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Next workshop YPP conference: EcoChain!

We hereby present the next workshop at the upcoming YPP Conference at the 28th of October at ABN Amro headquarters in Amsterdam: EcoChain!



Workshop EcoChain

Did you know that buyers can contribute up to 90% to the sustainability proposition of the company they work for?

Increasingly one hears the words, “In a few years we will only win our customers attention with a sustainable proposition.”

As a Young Procurement Professional, have you ever wondered what could be your contribution to the sustainability transition? How does the company you represent handle these interesting times? Which dynamics characterize the relationship between your company and its suppliers? What are the opportunities, and the complex issues you may encounter?

During this workshop we will explore these issues and we will see if there are general common denominators.

Boudewijn Mos


Boudewijn Mos started as an entrepreneur at an early age. From his 15th birthday onwards, his entrepreneurial enthousiasm has shaped him into where he is now.

At the age of 18 he started his first tech startup. After selling his start-up at the age of 21, he graduated as a pilot. As he says, flying is just passion, entrepreneurship is an inner journey. Until 2011 he combined both passions of entrepreneurship and flying.

In 2011, Boudewijn founded the start-up EcoChain Technologies together with his brother Jochem, where he now holds the posistion of commercial director.

EcoChain offers Environmental Management Software. The EcoChain application gives people the technology to understand and focus on sustainability. With EcoChain, companies can make more sustainable products, and more quickly. Tomorrow’s profitable companies are the companies who are taking action with EcoChain today.

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