The procurement transformation webinar series

‘Standing still is going backwards’, and this is something we cannot afford during this crisis. However, taking a moment to reflect and consider is essential, especially now.

What impact will the coronavirus crisis have on the future and how can innovation and transformation help us to shape this future? Let’s explore this together during our trilogy of webinars about transformation of and innovation in procurement!

Interested in tools, tips and learning from peers and experts to help you prepare for your first steps towards the new future? If so, please feel free to join.

Part 1: Design thinking

Procurement has to do with wicked problems – a tough and complex issues that are difficult to solve. And these complex issues require a new perspective. In this webinar, Guido Stompff will discuss the need for innovation within procurement and the use of the design thinking methodology to solve these knotty problems. Subscribe now

Part 2: Case DSM’s Digital Procurement

The second part of the procurement transformations webinar series. The question “To D or not to D?” – go digital or not? – is more important today than ever. What do these changing processes mean for the procurement organisation? And how do you create good change management? Andries Feikema will discuss this during part two of Nevi’s triptych webinars. In short: how do you survive as an organisation in a changing world and how do you make optimal use of all the possibilities that digitisation brings? Subscribe now

Part 3: Digitalisation

The third part of the procurement transformations webinar series. Could the purchaser be replaced by an algorithm? Do digital technologies represent an opportunity or a threat to the procurement profession? Many claim that as buyers we can no longer live without it in a world that is becoming increasingly complex, unpredictable and volatile. Time to explore this together! Subscribe now

Nevi as a knowledge partner

Nevi remains your knowledge and development partner in procurement and supply management.

‘Inspiring sustainable behaviour’

On 4th April 2019 TONII community organised an MVI event:
‘Inspiring sustainable behaviour’, inspired by the words of Anand Mahindra: ‘Sustainability has to be a way of life to be a way of business’.

The event was relevant to anyone with a ‘green hart’ in general and to procurement professionals in particular who can add substantial value to the transition to a more sustainable and circular way of producing goods, services and works in both the private and public domain.

We offered an inspiring program with Esmée Amsen (participant ‘Quest for Change, setting sail for solutions’), Dennis Storm (former TV host 3 op Reis), Jelle Derckx (author, vlogger and podcaster about minimalism and sustainability) and Bert van Son (owner MUD jeans which produces and sells circular jeans).

Here you can find more information about the event.

Aftermovie YPP conference

The YPP conference in cooperation with KPMG was a great succes. 170 Young Procurement Professionals, representing 95 companies, have captured their vision of the Future of Procurement. This joint vision will be published medio Jan ‘19! Inspired by speeches of Michelle Baker, Jeroen Van de Broek and Richard van Hooijdonk.

Knowledge with regard to crowdbased sourcing, predictive analytics, RPA & Robotics, workforce of the future and should costing shared by Han Gerrits, Floris Freeman, Dimitri Sloof, Tim Smolders and Robert Driessen.

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YPP @DSM video

The YPP event at DSM was a great success.  The DSM sourcing team shared with 30 young procurement professionals how they are preparing for the future. A guided tour through the Rosalind Franklin biotechnology center and discussions in small groups on sustainability, development of new business models and digitisation made it a really interesting and interactive event.

Watch the below video for an impression of the event

Update YPP conference – Keynote speakers

Update YPP conference

The future disruption and a future proof procurement function is central to the annual Young Procurement Professionals conference on November 9, 2018. YPP organizes the conference this year in collaboration with KPMG Advisory. During this year’s YPP conference leading procurement experts will share their perspective on the future of procurement. We will provide insights in the challenges you, as young procurement professional, will face and we challenge you to contribute and be part of the future proof procurement vision of YPP.

Keynote speakers

Richard van Hooijdonk, Trend watcher and Futurist. His inspiration sessions have been attended by over 420,000 people. Richard is a regular guest at radio and television programs. With his international research team, he investigates tech trends like robotics, drone technology, autonomous transport systems, Internet of Things, virtual reality, biotech, nanotech, neurotech, blockchain, 3D and 4D printing and of course augmented and virtual reality and their impact on various industries.

Michelle Baker, Chief Procurement Officer at KPN. The workplace of the future will be AI-augmented, robotically-enhanced, and filled with more data than we can ever even imagine. Succeeding in that environment will require functions that know how to best exploit these developments, populated by people who understand how to differentiate themselves and their roles as humans in this increasingly automated world. Building a future-proof procurement function will require our boldly embracing these technologies and not fearing to use them where they can do things better than humans can, whilst building uniquely human capabilities into assets the firm value. Collaboration, facilitation, and business-specific insights, will be the currencies of the successful procurement function of the future.

More information about the theme, program and speakers is available via Conference 2018 in the above menu bar.

We hope that you will contribute to the future of procurement on November 9th, 2018!

Now available! 2 e-books on the changing value proposition of purchasing 2018

At the 12th of April 2018, the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen organized its annual Purchasing Symposium, with this years theme being: ‘The changing value proposition of Purchasing’ hosted jointly by the NEVI, RUG and TeMa.

Master students of the University of Groningen presented their two books on the state of Strategic Purchasing in 2018. Both books are written as part of the Master course Purchasing of the Faculty of Economics & Business of the University of Groningen. This is the sixth time that a similar project has been set up within the Department of Operations and we are happy to be able to share the e-books with the YPP community again this year.

If you are interested in the latest trends on Strategic Purchasing you can download the e-books via the below links:

Purchasing 17-18 – Purchasing is Risk Management

Sustainable Strategic Purchasing, insight from theory and practice

Summer drinks update

The location for our yearly Summer Drinks is updated in the event details. We would like to invite you to enjoy some drinks and evaluate the first half of 2018 in Café Het Gegeven Paard in Utrecht on the 5th of July. If you’d like to join, please register so we know how many people to expect. We hope we will see you there!


Interested to know how travelling can contribute to the development of your soft skills? Visit the TONII event TRAVEL! on 4th June in The Hague. Key note speaker is Ap Dijksterhuis, professor Social en Cultural Psychology, and author of the book ‘Wie (niet) reist is gek’. If you like to know more about this inspiring en unique event, go to

Apply the code YPP and pay only 15 Euro’s to participate!’



YPP event @ DAF Trucks

YPP CPO event at ATC-NL in march 2018

The YPP CPO event at ATC-NL in march 2018 was a great succes. CPO’s Marjolein Goense (ABN AMRO), Jeroen van de Broek (FrieslandCampina), Jeroen Wegkamp (NS) and Menno Wolf (Neways Technologies) shared their perspective on the role of CPO, provided insight in the challenges they face and answered professional, personal, or career related questions.


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