New YPP Conference update: The Green Tour

During next week’s YPP Conference you will be able to join the ABN AMRO Green Tour. A tour throughout the sustainable head office of ABN AMRO. You will also see the building site of the new Pavillion that is currently constructed, and get exclusive inside information.

In 2016 the ABN AMRO head office ‘The Edge’ received the BREEAM award (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) in the category ‘existing office building international’. With innovative ways of working and smart technology this 40.000 m2 building achieved a score of 98.36%! The building is fully energy neutral. The entire southern front side is covered in solar panels. Rain water is collected and re-used. Using an app on their smartphone every employee is able to adjust the light and climate of their individual workplace. This innovative technology doesn’t only save energy. It also provides information about the use of the building, increasing efficiency.

Providing the tour:

Merel Varela


Merel Varela is Project Officer with ABN AMRO Facility Management (FM) and offers support for several facility projects. Together with Building Manager Engie, Merel will take you on a shortened version of the Green Tour.
ABN AMRO wants to be a better bank that contributes to a better world, therefore sustainability explicitly has been implemented into the long term strategy. FM is a key stakeholder in the field of sustainability and contributes to sustainable corporate governance. FM specifically commits to reducing and greening the footprint, and a responsible way of working in the offices. The knowledge FM gains is also shared with ABN AMRO’s clients.
‘Since I’ve been working for ABN AMRO, I’ve grown more conscious about the importance of sustainability. During the Green Tour we facilitate, we show people sustainable initiatives like the energy neutral office in Alkmaar, or the sustainable cooling technique of our head office and data center. It’s of absolute importance to share this knowledge and enthuse others for sustainability.’

Malu Hilverink


Malu Hilverink is involved with the circular Pavilion ABN AMRO is building on the ‘Zuidas’ in Amsterdam. She’s responsible for the concept and programming.
With this special project, ABN AMRO challenges society and the market place to join the bank’s mission to make the world more circular. ‘Either if you’re a client, neighbor, innovator or just passing by. Everyone is welcome to be inspired. This way we create a connecting platform with relevant programming, enabling conversations about actual social theme’s.’ Malu is a true visionary that works hard for a sustainable society. With her enthusiasm and critical look she hopes to move others to speed up the transition to a circular economy. ‘I believe looking for innovative and circular solutions together leads to the best results.‘

Malu will share all ins & outs, and experiences regarding the Pavilion. You can find more information on


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