Need for assistance with your career questions?

Would you like to have professional coaching in reviewing your Curriculum Vitae and/or a professional analysis of your cover letter? Would you like to rehearse your job interview with an experienced recruiter?

Are you dealing with questions like; Is this what I really want in my (professional) career? Then it might be helpful to start sorting out the basics first; who am I, what am I good at, and what could be my next step?

Would you like insight in the following aspects?

  • what motivates you and gives you energy?
  • your strong and weak competences?
  • which skills you have and what your talent is?

If you need someone to discuss these questions with, please contact us. We can support you with the above mentioned questions and issues to get insight in your personal and professional development (work, education and career). We are able to support you to gain a perspective into your (work-related) goals and increase your confidence and self-knowledge. Even if you only need an audience, we are here to support you.

 Let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Marije and Noor. With a sincere interest in people, people’s behaviour and their motivations, we both ended up studying the science of Psychology. Our professional experience as recruiter, coach and field manager, gives us the ability to outline your specific situation. We look for chances and opportunities, are aimed to gain useful answers and solutions, and we will provide you with practical tips & tricks.

Please feel free to contact us . We are happy to free up some of our time to support you as Young Procurement Professional to find out what will help you move on to the next step.  We will do on a voluntary basis!

Marije Franck, MSc Work and Organizational Psychology

06-44 53 32 07


Noortje Bruggeman, MSc Social Psychology

06-44 03 26 42

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