Masterclass: Future Proof Procurement

Procurement as we know it will not exist in the future at all.

We are in the middle of a transition of: sustainability, circular economy, new business models, ecosystems, start-ups, digitalization, artificial intelligence, blockchain, predictive analytics, business alignment, strategic sourcing, change management.

The future is now, action is needed!

In any case, it is important now for pro­curement to start changing and that means the professionals that work in pro­curement as well.

Young pro­curement professionals face themselves a challenge. You need to challenge yourself, as well as your managers and the rest of your respective organizations. Take ownership in transforming pro­curement. Are you eager to get to work on this and shape fu­tureproof procurement? Be part of the transformation!

Join the exclusive masterclass futureproof procurement of YPP in collaboration with Nevi

Prof. dr. Jan Jonker
New business models & ecosystems

Jim Stolze
Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence

Prof. dr. Frank Rozemeijer
Business alignment & strategic sourcing

Dr. Arend Ardon
Change & knowledge management

A 5 day exclusive program with inspiring speakers and the best organizations for practical cases.

  1. New business models & ecosystems, Prof. dr. Jan Jonker (Radboud University), Interface
  2. Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence, Jim Stolze, Tech-entrepeneur
  3. Business alignment & strategic sourcing, Prof. dr. Frank Rozemeijer, Philips
  4. Change & knowledge management, Dr. Arend Ardon, Shell
  5. Last day: presentation of your own Futureproof procurement actionplan for your organization, diner

Dates in 2020, Fridays (09.30-16.30 hour): 18 September, 9 October, 6 November, 4 December and 8 January 2021.

Location: different inspiring locations.

Open for only 28 young procurement professionals, costs €1.595,-

Afterwards you will receive a valuable participation certificate from Nevi.