Events: 2 times 13

The first two events of the year are planned, opened for registration, and in no time fully booked. Unfortanely for all still interested, we only have spaces left on the back-up lists.

The first 13 will be next week Tuesday when we are invited to visit Eneco in Rotterdam. 30 YPP-ers get the unique chance to help Eneco think about the tranformation they want to make within their procurement group. What better way than to start the year with a Real Life Case.

The second 13 will be one month later. Even though it being a superstitious Friday, within a few days we had 30 and more members interested to get the opportunity to take a behind the scene tour at Schiphol.

We are not sure yet if we’ll manage to keep planning it on the 13th of every month, however as soon as we have more ‘new events’ news, you’ll hear from us.


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