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YPP Conference – Programme update

Unfortunately our key-note speaker Jacqueline Cramer is not able to join us on the 28th of October, since she has an important meeting for the government in The Hague that she has to attend. Therefore, we slightly adjusted the programme, providing more time to start the day and an interesting key-note by ABN Amro’s Jeroen […]

3rd key-note speaker Lara Muller on Big Data and Sustainability!

We are very happy to present our final key-note speaker, Lara Muller of Boskalis, who will share her thoughts on the very interesting subject of the relationship between big data and sustainability! Key-note Big data and Sustainability The next Industrial Revolution has begun and is already helping to advance sustainability worldwide. It is still in the early […]

Next workshop YPP conference: EcoChain!

We hereby present the next workshop at the upcoming YPP Conference at the 28th of October at ABN Amro headquarters in Amsterdam: EcoChain!   Workshop EcoChain Did you know that buyers can contribute up to 90% to the sustainability proposition of the company they work for? Increasingly one hears the words, “In a few years […]

First key-note speaker at YPP Conference: Jacqueline Cramer!

We proudly present the first key-note speaker to our upcoming annual conference: Professor Dr. Jacqueline Cramer. With many years of experience within various roles related to sustainability she is the perfect start of the day to provide the foundation for the current level of sustainability within the Netherlands, within Dutch and international companies, and what […]

Sustainability as the theme for this years conference!

Sustainability?! – Your People, Planet, Profit To sustain or not to sustain, that’s the question. It won’t be long before the world’s population reaches nine billion people. In addition ecological and environmental awareness keeps on growing. Countries worldwide have determined several goals to strive towards a more environmentally sustainable way of living. Do organizations share this […]

Innovate Challenge @ Océ

In three weeks from now, we will organize an exciting YPP event at Océ Headquarters in Venlo. Through innovations like 3D printing resulting in various renewing products, Océ constantly strives to be and remain world class. What innovative products has Océ developed? What is Procurement’s contribution to Océ’s innovation, and how does it manage supplier relations in order to stimulate […]